Reasons why there is low level of testosterone in the body

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For a human body, there is a very shallow range of normal levels for the bodily functions. When the hormones of the body go below the normal levels, there will be consequent effects which will hinder the body in a cellular and systematic level. If you want to have your testosterone in your body tested, it has to be done in the morning. This is because as the day progresses, it will be difficult to sample testosterone in your body since it continuously varies.

Also, the outcome of the testing is also dependent on the laboratory equipment. Also, in females, it becomes a bit challenging to measure testosterone levels since values are significantly lower than that of men. Low levels of testosterone in the body can be caused by a number of factors. These include;

Problem with the pituitary gland

One of the factors which may result to low levels of testosterone is a condition known as hypothalamus. This is a situation which regards to production of the exact portions of luteinizing hormone. This is the hormone which is responsible in stimulation of the production of testosterone compound. Also, if those organs which produce this compound aren’t functioning normally, then it means there will be low levels produced in the body. If the problem has been caused by an issue with the organs, then this is known as ‘primary problem’.

If there is a problem with the pituitary glands, then this is known as secondary problem.

Injury to the scrotum

This is another cause to the low testosterone levels in the body is due to an injury to the scrotum. When the testes are injured or damaged, then there is a possibility to the amount of testosterone produced could be lower. Even if the damage has only been to the testicle, there will still be an effect to the testosterone levels in the body. However, there are cases when the levels still remain normal if one of the testicle is functioning normally. If one has undergone chemotherapy or radiation therapy, then there are at the danger of having their interstitial cells damaged. This will lead to low production levels.

Age of a person

As a person advances in age, the levels of testosterone decreases by a 1% margin. This normally happen to men after they reach an age of 40. By the time one has reached this age, there is already enough testosterone which has been produced in the body to carry on with the normal body functions. However, research has shown that having low levels of testosterone can lead to other issues in the body such as erectile dysfunction as well as bone and muscle loss. This is why at some point some men will complain of erectile dysfunction in their advanced age.

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