How to build Muscle at Home

Well, it seems we are living in era where body fat is undesirable. It isn’t bad after all. You want body muscles? You can have that really fast and you do not have to lift a single weight. I understand that you have a tight work schedule. Besides, you do not have extra dimes to spare for muscle building at a gym. Not a problem at all.

How to build muscle at home

You can build muscles right from home. You only need a few minutes. And it is all at the comfort of your home. It seems today is your lucky day: here are the perfect tips on how to build muscle at home.

The best workouts to build muscles at home really fast

  • Push ups: there are varieties of push ups you can do: handstand push-ups or pull ups. Go for the one you are comfortable with. Do not over do them. Make 20 push-ups and take regular breaks. You will be building your bicep and triceps muscles.
  • Squats: here you have a variety to choose from. General Split, Bulgarian splits or pistol squats. Which one works best for you?
  • Leg curls: adds muscle to your lower parts of your legs
  • Bicep curls: this is specifically for the biceps if you want them big and proportional
  • Lunges: forwards and backwards lunges will keep your entire body muscles proportional
  • Triceps curls: specifically for the triceps

Top tips to build muscles at home

  • A balanced diet: you need to eat a balanced diet. Ensure you have adequate proteins and carbohydrates. Be sure to watch your diet and not take excessive proteins. Vegetables are good too; add plenty in your every meal.
  • Keep your body hydrated: with the light exercises you are doing, you need adequate water. It helps with your digestion too.
  • Adequate rest: every time you do these exercises, give your body adequate rest. It helps to heal your strained muscles.
  • Be consistent: yes you are busy. But you can spare 20 minutes three days a week. Ensure you do not skip any day. If it is inevitable to skip, ensure that you make it up the following day.
  • Do not over do anything: take it easy. You do not build muscles in one day. It takes time and you will be harming your body if you over do anything. For starters, 20 minutes per session is just fine. You can intensify as your body becomes accustomed.

Bingo! If you want to build muscle, you can just have them from home. No strain and you don’t spend a single dime. Visit for more interesting tips on how to effectively build muscle.

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