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Discover the Difference with Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Miele Vacuum Cleaners have been part of a family owned business since 1899. Originally starting in the market with cream separators, butter churns and washing machines, Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann designed and patented their own products in Germany of the best quality possible.

1927 was the year that the pair decided to design a new vacuum cleaner that would revolutionize the world. Their first Model L Canister Vacuum Cleaner was finally completed in 1931 and placed on the market.

Miele ClassicC1 Canister

Miele canister and upright vacuum cleaners are different from other manufacturer’s vacuums because the engineers have designed the Miele Vortex Motor System TM that increases power through a unique airflow property. Up to 1200 watts make the Miele one of the most powerful models for residential and commercial applications on the market.

In addition to a well-built motor that comes with a substantial warranty, the Miele Company was also quite concerned with air quality. Other vacuums proved to lack air tightness around their vacuum bodies and bags, seeping a backlash of dust back into the air.

The technical experts of Miele set out to work on completely sealing their vacuums to protect the air. What they came up with was an airtight, sealed system that uses a spring loaded, self-clocking collar around the exterior patented dust bag.

The Air Clean Bag is made especially for delivering nothing but clean air. There is no bagged system on the market that offers nine layers of electrostatically charged material that catches and contains the most minute of particles within such a powerful machine.


The Series S4 and S5 Miele Canisters have many comfort features in addition to the great performance of the Vortex Motor System TM and the Sealed System TM construction. A special designed patented SwivelNeck TM permits you to steer in any direction without having to stop or backup. Getting into corners and under beds is totally maneuverable with the SwivelNeck TM feature.

Caster wheels rotate 360 degrees and are protected with rubber to glide without marring furniture and walls. A telescopic suction wand is easy to use and all accessories are within reach with just the push of a button. The wand is also designed to your individual height so no more bending is needed. Remarkably quiet and guaranteed for twenty years, this machine is able to tackle any vacuuming job.

If you want something lightweight and not to expensive to clean your home, then checkout the C1 Classic range. They are a really great entry level vacuum.

The S7 series of Miele Uprights are just as impressive as the canisters with the same powerful system and a high-speed 4800-RPM electro brush motor in Model S 7280. The patented SwivelNeck TM is not just a feature of canisters but the uprights as well. Front caster wheels and Miele’s exclusive automatic height adjustment lets you glide from one room to the next with ease. Remarkably easy to push, this is not by accident. Engineered to recline at just the right angle, the majority of the weight is projected in the base electrobrush assembly, taking the pressure off of the user.

An anti-tipping device provides stability when using the floor cleaning accessories and a bright LED headlight lets you see every inch of your floor up close. Accessories that ride smoothly on the handle can be purchased separately that include brushes, upholstery and crevice tools and wands for high reaching areas.

Enough cannot be said about the filtration system that delivers superb air cleaning with a super air clean filter for normal conditions, an active air clean filter that neutralizes odors with charcoal and the HEPA filter that keeps the air clean and dust free.

These filters are all in addition to the sealed casing and the filtering dust bag. IBR Laboratories performed tests on emissions efficiency in order to measure the capture and retention percentage of the Miele models. Not only did Miele vacuum cleaners surpass the tests but were rated 21 times better at containing more particles per minute that the nearest brand. Conveniently fitted with a bag indicator, you never run the risk of overfilling your bag.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found that fine particle exposure can cause many health hazards including decreased lung function, irritation of the airways, both of which can bring about asthma, sinus infections and a sensitivity to the very air in your home. You can even develop an irregular heartbeat leading to heart attacks in your own home just from using your vacuum cleaner if you use one that is not properly sealed and filtered.

For those times when a quick run of the sweeper over floors is needed, Miele also has the S 168 Stick Upright that creates up to 1000 watts of power with airflow of 96 cubic feet per minute. It is useful to get dog hair out of car seats. Also fitted with the same awesome filter system as the canister and upright models, you will also find it with an IntensiveClean Dust bag that has a sealed dust-free bag that is easily removed for disposal.

Every Miele is put to the test with a Floor Test, Cable-Pull Test, Hose Test, Threshold Test and Longevity Test to assure lasting performance. There is a safety shut-off mounted on each model to protect overheating and all models are compact enough to store without much room.

Miele has thought of everything in providing the most durable, comfortable and incredible performance capabilities like no other machine on the market. Fortunately for the United States, Miele began marketing their vacuums in this country in 1984 so comparisons are easy to make. Visit their website today at and see for yourself the difference in what you have and what you can own. The product speaks for itself.