Basics of deca-durabolin

Deca-durabolin is a yellow oily vaccine usually injected directly into the muscles of people who get prescribed for the use of it. It contains an active ingredient called nandrolone which makes it an anabolic steroid. Ever since its existence, it has been of great benefit to athletes who wish to boost their sports abilities. People who have bone problems have always been prescribed for this medicine by professional doctors.

deca durabolin injections

Its ingredients

It produces an anabolic reaction that helps increase retention of nitrogen in the body. Nitrogen is a building block in proteins. Proteins as its major function are to increase mass and muscle in humans. For people who would like to increase their body mass especially for weight lifters and athletes. This medicine helps your body retain nitrogen and so more protein is present in your muscles. However people who chose to use it for this purpose should always liaise with a medical professional as it calls for greater understanding of one’s individual body; something that only a professional will understand.

Benzyl alcohol is also present in the medicine; usually used as a solvent to mix its other ingredients and ensure the smooth oily texture is met. However, it is not recommendable for children below six; to them it causes irritation and would lead to allergies over time.

Arachis oil which is better referred to as peanut oil. This is what gives the medicine a yellow color. It carries along itself with a number of health benefits and t invigorates your body as well as boost and maintains high levels of immunity.

Who should not consume?

With all the benefits that deca-durabolin comes with, it could be a toxic supplement for the children. Its composition as above includes benzyl alcohol whose effects would cause more harm than good. Infants below the age of three are much more affected.

The elderly too are not advised to consume it unless it comes with reasons from a professional doctor. If they do consume it, they always undergo regular supervision to check their level of hemoglobin in the body. What is more important in these check-ups is to ensure that not too much red blood cells are produced as this would lead to complications.

Pregnant women should not consume this medicine; further along, those who suspect to be pregnant or are breastfeeding usually will fall in this bracket too. The nandrolone in it is hormonal and in this line it will affect their female hormones to either cause an irregular or total no menstrual cycle. Women who are planning for pregnancy should also not take it unless they are advised by their medical consultant. It is wise that one sticks to one medical attendant.

If you would like to learn more about Deca, then read: Deca Durabolin : What you should know before you use it an article from Muscle Info Zone that has the best explanation of how it works and should be used.

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